Monday, December 15, 2014

Who Rebooted?

Run this PowerShell and substitute the actual server name instead of SQLTACOPS-05 to find out who rebooted in the last 155 days.  This code was posted by Tompa on Technet before I tweaked it for my use.


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ark large animal feces said...

In the question of what should be rebooted and what shouldn't I think the answer is in what is the best thing about the original movie(s)? In the case of Indiana Jones the story line is fantastic but how much of the greatness of the movies hinges on Harrison Ford and his performance? Where the story is great but the actors are not here nor there then it is an excellent candidate for reboot but in cases where the actors performance itself is what makes the movie so great then it is a huge risk to take on if you can match it. You will invariably get fanboy hate regardless, but if you want to serve the original greatness rather than just be another cashcow exploiting nostalgia then it has to be a realistic choice in the first place