Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - No Visa, No Mastercard? No Problem

A few days ago I was not so pleased to find out that my favorite music site,, was no longer accepting Visa or Mastercard. I looked up on wikipedia today to find out a little bit more background, and it turns out that accepts payment via a site similar to PayPal called XROST. In order to buy an XROST pin/claim for a specific amount I had to go through yet another site, called

Here's what I did:

  1. signed up for XROST
  2. purchased $20 worth of xrost "Prepaid iCard" via
  3. Signed into my account on & redeemed my $20 Xrost via

Boomshakalaka! I've refilled my balance.

Isn't there some way the RIAA can be punished via RICO statutes for ganging up with Visa and Mastercard against our capitalist comrades?

I guess the RIAA is just a U.S problem. My money goes all over the world. Thank you again, Moscow, for providing music the way I want to buy it: DRM _NOT_ INCLUDED, and by volume of data downloaded.