Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dual Wan Example on pfSense

Have you ever wanted to bundle/bond/combine devices together to increase your available bandwidth or load balance your routing? pfSense has been able to do this since its alpha version. pfSense is in 1.0 Beta 4 now, with RC to be released very soon. pfSense also supports QoS, so you can run BitTorrent & VoIP at the same time. Kick that iptables script or vendor X's firewall/router solution aside & move to pfSense!

dual wan instructions
other pfSense tutorials (including VMWare installation)
pfSense downloads
pfSense mailing lists and ##pfsense on freenode IRC
why pfSense sucks (for the cynics)

pfSense is the most advanced Open Source Firewall project as of this writing. Take a look at the pfSense feature set.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Trinity Rescue Kit for Windows and Linux Systems

"Trinity Rescue Kit 3.1 or TRK 3.1 is a 100% free CD bootable Linux distribution aimed specifically at offline operations for Windows and Linux systems such as rescue, repair, password resets and cloning, with the ability to update itself . It has custom tools to easily recover data such as deleted files, clone Windows installations over the network, perform antivirus sweeps with 2 different antivirus products, reset windows passwords, read AND write on NTFS partitions, edit partition layout and much much more."

It's light and fast - the ISO is well under 100MB.

Current build: 210
md5sum: 6542485701afa398fb99f7800cf9bd67

Download    Screenshots - checkout the clonexp script!

Thank you Google Alerts & Carla Schroeder for her TRK article.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Asterisk in Kansas City, MO

Last week I shadowed Jared Smith, co-author of the O'Reilly Asterisk Book in Kansas City. Two things I'd like to emphasize:

1) Asterisk is very strong & growing quickly.

2) Kansas City has some good food.

The Asterisk Boot Camp presented by Sokol & Associates was very well attended; 3 continents were represented, and the attendees' backgrounds varied widely, from Digium Employees to VoIP providers, call centers to small shops. At the end of one day of training, 2 Cisco trainers entered our classroom to find the course had more than tripled the attendance of their own. Twenty minutes passed as the Cisco folks asked questions, and seemed impressed with the responses and implications of Asterisk's capabilities. One of the trainers was interested in providing venues and learning Asterisk so that he might train others on this Open Source PBX/back to back user agent. I was amazed by the momentum Asterisk has behind it, and I feel like I'm only scratching the surface.

In addition to being a good host, Steve Sokol knows how to charcoal grill a corn-fed beef steak. Aside from Steve's grill, I had the chance to eat at 4 places in Kansas City that I'd recommend to anyone visiting the area.

Arthur Bryant's - not for those interested in "heart-healthy" cuisine, this BBQ is incredible. Make sure to pay attention to those who are in line & be ready for your turn - there seems to be a certain way to order that is acceptable. Arthur Bryant's is all about the sauce.

The Cheesecake Factory - a national chain, but worth a visit. I recommend the pecan-crusted catfish & a piece of cheesecake to go. The Key Lime cheesecake was excellent, and the tuxedo cheesecake was also recommended.

Jun's Authentic Japanese Restaurant - great sushi. I liked the maguro, tiger rolls, and unagi don (BBQ eel).

Murray's Ice Creams & Cookies is not to be missed. Thanks Paul!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Forcing Clamwin on Windows Users

Clamwin was released on April 30. I figured I'd force it on some of my windows users that did not yet have it installed. I placed something similar to the following in the Samba logon script:


"X:\Antivirus\Clamwin\clamwin-" /sp- /silent /norestart

REM If ClamWin isn't installed, install it
IF NOT EXIST "%ProgramFiles%\ClamWin\bin\ClamWin.exe" goto CLAMAVINSTALL

In the real logon script(beware of line breaks) I do checks for multiple antivirus program executables, and push this new version of ClamWin on users that already have a previous ClamWin version installed.