Friday, July 18, 2008

Querying Disk Space on Remote Servers using Batch with WMIC

Time to check the disk free space in GB and percentage on a server volume...

WMIC(Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line) makes another appearance!

Thanks to Tipsmark for this syntax (Response number 17 in this post). I added the /node switch and some error handling / usage to have this batch file work on remote machines.

IF "%~1"=="" goto help
IF "%~2"=="" goto help


@FOR /F "tokens=1-3" %%n IN ('"WMIC /node:"%1" LOGICALDISK GET Name,Size,FreeSpace | find /i "%2""') DO @SET FreeBytes=%%n & @SET TotalBytes=%%p

@SET /A TotalSpace=!TotalBytes:~0,-9!
@SET /A FreeSpace=!FreeBytes:~0,-10!
@SET /A TotalUsed=%TotalSpace% - %FreeSpace%
@SET /A PercentUsed=(!TotalUsed!*100)/!TotalSpace!
@SET /A PercentFree=100-!PercentUsed!

IF %TotalSpace% LSS 0 goto error

@ECHO Total space: %TotalSpace%GB
@ECHO Free space: %FreeSpace%GB
@ECHO Used space: %TotalUsed%GB
@ECHO Percent Used: %PercentUsed%%%
@ECHO Percent Free: %PercentFree%%%

@SET TotalSpace=
@SET FreeSpace=
@SET TotalUsed=
@SET PercentUsed=
@SET PercentFree=
goto end

echo *** Invalid server or drive specified ***
goto help

echo diskfree.cmd
echo Queries remote server for free disk space.
echo Specify a MACHINENAME and a drive letter to be queried
echo Example: diskfree.cmd MACHINENAME c:
goto end


Here's an example of the script being run with a target computer named 'LARS', checking for free space on the [F:] volume:

If parameters are not passed or passed incorrectly(wrong drive letter) the script outputs the following or similar: