Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thirteen Firefox v1.5.0.7 Extensions

I installed Firefox on a new computer this week, and decided upon 13 extensions that were very useful. I'm sure I'll add more when I find out what else I'm missing.

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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy a good Firefox extensions round-up.

I just installed WebDeveloper this morning. Don't know how I went 3 weeks without noticing that it was missing from my setup. I installed it because I've been tweaking my personal web site. I Hope to have the source for ZoolTone up soon (we all know what that means -- soon == maybe_one_day) Anyway, as a fan of Asterisk, I hope it will make your next Firefox extension round-up :)


P.S. Old link for the uninformed :)

Lars Rasmussen said...

I'm still running Vonage at home for now, so I don't have an Asterisk Server running at home yet. Maybe I need to configure ZoolTone with someone else's Asterisk server...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, only it you knew someone with an Asterisk server at home :)

Anyway, I came back to share this killer tip about the web developer toolbar...

I've always used the tool "CSS > View Style Information" to get a quick cross-hair tool to see what styles are applied to an area on a web page. But, can you believe I've never *clicked* the area of the web page I was interested in? It brings up the sections of the cascading style sheets that are relevant. Wow, that is going to be so, so useful - especially in re-themeing complex sites.

That made my day :) Long live Firefox and 1337 hackers!

Anonymous said...

one thing that always bothered me big time about the FF UI is the microscopic search box text box. It's a common practice for me to encounter some unintelligible error string that I want to feed to google but can't reasonably fit (or trim/edit/whatever) in that tiny space that FF thinks is suficient for all my worst and longest and crappiest error spewings. The solution, which is wonderfully elegant because it does the job perfectly is

Lars Rasmussen said...

Excellent suggestion!

Resize Search Box
Allows you to use a resize thumb to resize the search box.