Thursday, September 14, 2006

How much is that song worth? Less than 20 cents?

I recently read a review of online music programs and associated music services. Eight different services were covered, and their accompanying software on Windows.

All of the services reviewed limited use of the tracks purchased or rented. Most were crippled by Digital Rights Management schemes drummed up to invent additional revenue and/or limit what the purchaser/subscriber could do with the music.

Fear not! There is a sucessful business model employed by a business unencumbered by DRM that works now. One company saw the demand and filled the need. The site is called, and charges for tunes by the megabyte. It makes sense. leverages differences in international law and economics to its advantage, with some great technology behind the scenes. does not require a monthly or yearly fee, and provides some optional slick client software(Alltunes) for searching and downloading the songs you've purchased. It gets better. Customers can choose from multiple codecs(no DRM included!) such as OGG, MP3, WMA, and AAC. I normally pay between 12 and 18 cents per downloaded track for 192kbps variable bit rate(VBR) MP3s, which, excepting classical music and superhuman ears, sound very good and burn to CD well. I've stopped purchasing CDs because of their superior business model. As a Russian site, does not fall under the oversight of the RIAA, and their innovation shows as a result.

Music pirates grow up to be paying consumers, and my music dimes go to the Russians - they're providing what the world wants to hear.

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Lars Rasmussen said...

Updated AllTunes / links and instructions:

1. Download the AllTunes(free download in the upper-right hand corner of ) software & install it.

2. Use your previous account username & password to login to the AllTunes software, or create a new login.

3. Use PayPal to buy an allPay prepaid card:

4. Login to the Alltunes website and refill your balance with the allPay Prepaid Card link:

Click this button for the refill:

In the Alltunes software you will now be able to purchase tracks.