Monday, November 09, 2009

PowerShell Power Breakfast in Utah – Kickoff Meeting 8:00am-9:00am, Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buy your breakfast at the East Bay Cafe, have a seat, and learn about PowerShell for one hour.  That’s the basic premise of the monthly PowerShell Power Breakfast.  PowerShell provides for Windows what shells like Bash provide in Linux – a command line for one-off tasks or automation, be they simple or complex.  Schedule this event on your calendar, and bring your manager and/or coworkers.

I’ll be presenting a rapid-fire introduction to PowerShell, and will be followed by Ben Miller, current president of the Salt Lake City SQL Server Users Group.  Ben will present on Gathering SQL Server Performance Data With PowerShell.  Both presentations will be brief, and if time allows, we’ll hold a free-form discussion afterward.

Schwag will be given to a few lucky attendees, including this OGIO backpack,38 038 - cropped,resampled courtesy of Redmond and local Microsoft Technology Strategist Dan See.  Thanks, Dan!

The following screen shot shows a directory listing(yes, that ls alias is installed by default), retrieval of BIOS information, and password generation using a .NET method, all using PowerShell.PowerShell_Breakfast01

Did that pique your interest?  Come to the breakfast to learn more!

Windows PowerShell Quick Reference

Dig Out by Digging Into PowerShell

The PowerShell Power Breakfast is open to any individual interested in Windows PowerShell, from veteran developers and sysadmins to those just starting with automation & scripting in a Windows context.

Where: Novell Cafeteria, Building G, Provo Campus (map)

Directions: Take the University Ave exit off I-15, cross University Ave, and turn left (north) onto Novell Place and enter the Novell campus. When you drive up to bldg H (the 8-story bldg), turn left and park in the SW parking lot. The sidewalk on the west side of bldg H will take you to the cafe (bldg G). We'll be in the conference room at the far north end (past the food court).

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A big fan of you, I like what u did on the Wave and maps projects.