Thursday, May 14, 2009

Right-Click on Desktop >> Screen Resolution (Windows 7 Top UI feature)

I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7100(32-bit) on my old Thinkpad T60p(purchased in Oct. 2006) and am creating this post with it.

Took 37min 34secs (including 5 reboots) to install the OS and all the ‘important’(and a few optional) updates. The initial install without updates took only 28 minutes.

When right-clicking on the desktop the following appeared:


Changing the Screen resolution is available from the desktop context menu! How cool is that? Pressing the Windows key + P also gives some simple projector display options.

I’m guessing the install required less than 10 mouse clicks – impressive. Here’s hoping final code gets released in October of this year.

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