Friday, August 10, 2007

Maximum PC full issues available in PDF format for free

I subscribe to 3 printed computer magazines: Maximum PC, CPU(Computer Power User), and Linux Journal. Maximum PC is unique in that if a product is lacking, the specific faults of the product are irreverently pointed out in their reviews. Most magazines take a fluffy approach with heavy emphasis on the good points of the product - not so with Maximum PC. I find the editors of Maximum PC very knowledgable in their reviews & enjoy their insights.

And Maximum PC has finally taken the step of posting their issues in PDF format - enjoy! Try the March 2007 issue for a great article on what to have on your toolkit/bag, starting on page 20 of the PDF(page 34 in the print version).

There is an RSS feed that contains links to PDF releases and articles from the magazine as they become available.


Unknown said...

Did you know that Linux Journal has always shared their articles online. They only wait 30 days after the issue is released.



Lars Rasmussen said...

Yes, the LJ articles are online. Unfortunately, unlike Maximum PC, Linux Journal has opted to not offer the same layout in their online articles that is contained in their print version. Ditto for CPU. Kinda' sucks if you want to reprint an article and retain formatting. I guess you could always contact the magazine directly and buy reprints of the articles and/or back issues... Not sure why magazines refuse to offer both options.