Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - No Visa, No Mastercard? No Problem

A few days ago I was not so pleased to find out that my favorite music site,, was no longer accepting Visa or Mastercard. I looked up on wikipedia today to find out a little bit more background, and it turns out that accepts payment via a site similar to PayPal called XROST. In order to buy an XROST pin/claim for a specific amount I had to go through yet another site, called

Here's what I did:

  1. signed up for XROST
  2. purchased $20 worth of xrost "Prepaid iCard" via
  3. Signed into my account on & redeemed my $20 Xrost via

Boomshakalaka! I've refilled my balance.

Isn't there some way the RIAA can be punished via RICO statutes for ganging up with Visa and Mastercard against our capitalist comrades?

I guess the RIAA is just a U.S problem. My money goes all over the world. Thank you again, Moscow, for providing music the way I want to buy it: DRM _NOT_ INCLUDED, and by volume of data downloaded.


Anonymous said...

It seems that as of today, it is no longer possible to buy prepaid iCards for allofmp3 through XRost and Click&Buy.

Attempting to refill your balance through the alltunes site takes you to Chronpay, which only accepts Diners Card and JCB.

As far as I can make out, there is no other way to refill your allofmp3 balance.

Lars Rasmussen said...

Looks like the xrost link I originally posted is still active, but not visible on the site.

Login to the site through the secure login(https), click on balance, click on refill, then paste the link ( into your browser.

Jeff said...

Dude! Check out the bad news:

Lars Rasmussen said... is still up. I'm downloading tracks I just purchased as I compose this comment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding The Legality of the AllOfMP3 pay service

Gotta love the mob tactics of the World Trade Organization. Make no mistake about it, this is about economics. The RIAA is exerting international influence on the US WTO rep - I find that frightening. I thought free markets were supposed to be a healthy thing. Looks like globalism is rearing its ugly head again - with no respect for the laws of sovereign nations like Russia. The US WTO rep is extorting a young democratic Russia into shutting down one of its businesses by threatening denial of WTO membership. Funny that no one seems to be complaining about the China-based site that sells music tracks for 3 or 4 cents each. China is a member of the WTO, though. Again, the ugliness of globalism manifests itself.

Allofmp3 has some very strong legal arguments, and they're now additionally considering adding a 5% tax that would go directly to the artists of each work. That'd be a much better profit than artists normally get from their record companies.

The Russian government may have submitted to the demands of the WTO, but that does not mean that the government of Russia will be able to enforce that committment by blindly subverting its own laws to kill

Anonymous said...

as of Feb/07 no link to clickand buy and allofmp3? anyone know what happened? Bob,

Lars Rasmussen said...

Bob, the xrost link still works same as before.

Login to the site through the secure login(https), click on balance, click on refill, then paste the xrost link into your browser.

Anonymous said...

Lars, Thanks, Did what you said. Howecer not sure hoe I paste into my browser? where on the allofmps site do i copy and paste. Do I end up on Click and pay?

Anonymous said...

Did what Lars suggested. got intoxrost entered my passwords and was told site under maintance? anybody else get this.

Anonymous said...

This has been the case for the last two weeks, I have sent an e-mail to xrost but as expected no response has been forthcoming.
Looks like the end of the road for topping up the account with my fav download site

Anonymous said...

found a new site much better GOMUSIC.RU I have used for several weeks great. visa master card...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I haven't bought any CDs for ages! Online music download services are much more convenient and much hceaper, too.

Lars Rasmussen said...

Updated AllTunes / links and instructions:

1. Download the AllTunes(free download in the upper-right hand corner of ) software & install it.

2. Use your previous account username & password to login to the AllTunes software, or create a new login.

3. Use PayPal to buy an allPay prepaid card:

4. Login to the Alltunes website and refill your balance with the allPay Prepaid Card link:

Click this button for the refill:

In the Alltunes software you will now be able to purchase tracks.

Anonymous said...

is sooo down since ages.

Any other way to fund your account @ allofmp3??