Monday, March 27, 2006

Music from Mitsubishi Car Commericials

I've been looking for a good list of the music tracks to the Mitsubishi car commercials for a while... I found one.

A few favorites:

"Days Go By" / Dirty Vegas

"Just Breathe" / Telepopmusik

"Start the Commotion" / Wiseguys

"Spybreak" / Propellerheads (this track is widely known from The Matrix lobby scene)

While on the subject of music in commercials here are a couple movie trailer music favorites:

"Absurd (Whitewash Mix)" / Fluke

"The Eyes of Truth" / Enigma (jump to time index 4 min 9sec for the good part, or time index 2 min 46sec on the Radio Edit version of the track)

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