Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bulletproofing Your Web Server?

Configuring Apache - Don't Succumb To The "Slashdot Effect"

This article mentions The Coral Content Distribution Network and some suggested parameters for tweaking Apache.

This might end up being the technology that solves the traffic spike problem that previously crashed our web server at softwarefor.org.  Thanks to Herlo for the link.

Other stuff I've noted of late...

Make sure to use '-–compatible=mysql40' with mysqldump if going backwards a few versions when exporting.

Wired 14.01: The Coolest Rooms on the Planet
"When it was time for architect Thomas Roszak to design his own home, he opted for minimalism in everything but technology. With features like flat-panel speakers and remotely controlled, built-in amenities - including motorized blinds, lighting, and indoor-outdoor thermostats - there's nothing to distract from Roszak's free-flowing floor plan."

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